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13 Ways to Grieve The Loss of a Loved One

1. Grieve:

Do it, lean into it, & let it all out.

2. Don’t process in isolation:

When you experience the what-ifs, regrets, why’s, fears, & anger you are going to need healthy people around to give you perspective & truth as you process.

3. If possible, talk with someone who has been there before:

Friends can provide much support, presence, & love during this time, but the impact of their words can be limited if they have never been in your shoes.

4. Talk to your loss loved one in your mind:

You knew them well, therefore, in certain situations & moments you know what they would think or say. This helps keep their memory alive in your life.

5. Don’t Waste their Impact:

Write down 1 way they impacted your life & commit to impacting others lives in the same way.

6. Don’t Waste Your Comfort when it Comes:

God promises He will comfort us in our grief, but then tells us one of the reasons is so we, the comforted, can then help comfort someone else in need.

7. Make Future Goals:

You need something to help you look forward in order to move forward.

8. Make Present Goals:

You may not feel like doing much right now, but it will be beneficial to experience a sense of accomplishment & to not have too much idle time.

9. Continue their Legacy:

When you are able to, put on an event, create a gathering, do something in remembrance of them for the benefit of others.

10. Give Thanks:

The Bible says, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above” so thank God for the gift of this person & the gifts God gave each time He decided to bless you with moments with them.

11. Make Present Memories:

Get with some friends, hang with family, & take some pictures, tell stories, & dine together. It can help you live in the right now.

12. Don’t Compare your Grief:

No one had the same exact relationship you had with the deceased so don’t expect the grieving process to be the same. Free yourself of thinking that way.

13. Be Patient with You:

It’s been 8 months since the loss of my dad & I probably grieve harder now than I did 8 months ago. Grieving well takes time so be easy on you

Read more about my wife and I’s personal story of loss as she shares how we walked through loosing three pillars in our family during our first 9 months of marriage, all within a two-month time frame.

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