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A collection of videos from our YouTube Channel. Check out the informational content, dancing, and all-around fun we love to share with you.

"5 On It" Our Wedding Anniversary Music Video

We decided to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary with our own remix of "5 On It." We wrote our own verses separately, then came together with some friends to record it all and bring you the visuals you see here! S/O to Roy Cotton & Tony Pettiford for the assist in bringing this all to be!

How We Do Our Family Meetings

We take some time to share how we do our weekly family meetings using our Family Meeting Planner.

Our Experience As An Interracial Couple

We prefer the term multi-cultural but since most of the world uses interracial, we'll go with that ;) We were invited to speak at a high school about our experience dating and being married. This is a portion of that talk.

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