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Dex's Conversation with Charles Barkley & Ernie Johnson

“Mind if I turn on a podcast?” Dex asked as we were cooking together.

“No,” I casually replied.

[podcast plays] *beep* “...This is uh, Dex from Texas...”

“What?!?” I interrupted, “Are you on Charles Barkley & @ernie.johnson’s podcast? Did you know you were gonna be on this?”

Dex was just as surprised as me! I was literally shocked, mainly because I’m a producer so I knew someone (or multiple someones) vetted this question and felt it was good enough to make the show.

Not only did it make the show, but they took it a step further and edited a whole clip together for social media, complete with video, broll and all! 🙉

I was so shocked, but really, I shouldn’t have been. I’ve heard people tell Dex “that’s a great question,” more times than I can count.

Truth is, he does ask great questions. I’m always a mix of excited and nervous when he asks, “Can I ask you a question?” I never know if it’s going to be deep, embarrassing, or fun. Dex is a student of people.

He loves getting to know the stories of others. To ask the questions others are afraid to.

And I think that’s something we can all learn to do better, especially at a time like now when there’s so much confusion, hurt, and misunderstanding.

Learning to ask great questions starts with listening. It starts with a willingness to give others the freedom to be themselves, to disagree or have a varying opinion.

Great questions lead to truth, healing, reconciliation, enlightenment, and genuine relationships.

Thank you Dex for showing me (us) how it’s done...once again 😏

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