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From Birth to Birth: Kids Be Knowin'

A year ago today I was watching this little one be born. His parents trusted me to record video of one of their most sacred moments in life and I was SO scared I was going to screw it up! It took me a minute to give them an answer because of the weight of what they were asking. There are no do overs in labor and delivery!

I'm soooo glad I didn't let fear and thoughts of inadequacy keep me from experiencing and capturing something so miraculous and beautiful.

After JT was born, a couple people in the room asked me was I now traumatized about having babies. My answer: Not at all. If anything, I left JT's birth knowing that one day I would love the privilege to deliver my child at a birthing center.

And here we are one year later, at the end of our own pregnancy journey, waiting for our son to arrive with a plan to deliver him at a birthing center.

JT, The Baby Prophet

Last month, while Kariss was taking our maternity photos, JT walked right over to me and touched my belly as if he knew there was a little boy in there for him to play with one day. It was such a sweet, unexpected moment that brought everything full circle.

JT, the baby prophet. Lol He was laying hands and probably praying blessings over our son, telling him it's all good on the other side and wishing him well on his least I like to imagine that's what he was doing. Lol

Thank you Kariss and Josh for allowing me the privilege to witness and document JT's birth. It was truly a game changer for me in many ways. And Happy 1st Birthday JT! Your playmate will be here soon!

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