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We Are Loving: Our Experience as an Interracial Couple

Ever heard of the civil rights case in Virginia called Loving vs. Virginia? A little over a year ago Dex & I were educated on the story from a book we ran across at a library. We were blown away by the story. Take a look at this video to learn more about the Lovings and this case.

This couple in Virginia were legally unable to marry until 1967, at which time their civil rights case landed in the Supreme Court, granting the legalization of interracial marriages across all states.

Just 52 years ago, in certain states, Dex and I wouldn’t have been legally able to get married. 🙉 The fact that this happened in our parents’ and grandparents’ lifetime makes the reality of racial issues in America, even more real to us.

This issue is rooted in centuries of history and the progressive movements are comparatively just getting started. This graphic offers a solid visual of this truth.

We are in the green, the same portion of history in which the Loving vs Virginia case happened.

Our Experience

We were invited to share about our story as an interracial couple during a Black History Program at a local high school. Take a look at the conversation in the video below.

Their Experience

Take a look at some other interracial couples sharing their experiences. Although we haven’t had it as hard as some of these other couples, there is something in each of their stories that we can connect to and empathize with.

Your Thoughts

Are you surprised by anything shared? Do you have any questions for us that we didn’t answer in our video? How does this issue make you feel today?

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