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Baby In Progress: You Asked. We’re Tellin’! | Q&A Audio Blog

We’re having our first kid! And we’re answering some of the common pregnancy questions plus some that our friends and fam have asked us!

Take a Listen!

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Questions Answered & Timestamps:

Here’s a list of the questions and what time they’re answered in the track in case you’d like to skip around!

  • What color will the baby be? (0:26)

  • Is there one or two babies? (0:55)

  • Is this the first grandchild for your parents? Are they excited? (1:26)

  • How do you see your marriage changing as you become parents? (2:03)

  • How did you feel or what were you thinking when you find out you were pregnant? (4:09)

  • Do you want a boy or girl or does it matter to you? (10:53)

  • Do you have names already picked out? (12:53)

  • How is it being pregnant? What does it feel like? Is it like carrying a basketball? (13:03)

  • Have you felt the baby move yet? (15:07)

  • How are you having your baby? Water birth? Hospital? Epidural? (15:21)

  • What were your mother’s responses to the pregnancy? (15:50)

  • Do you all talk to the baby? (16:38)

  • When can you travel to Kenya with the baby? (18:30)

  • Will there be a gender reveal? (19:07)

  • Closing thoughts & shout outs (19:36)

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