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It Was All A Dream: Choppin’ It Up with Trip Lee on End Notes Podcast

Many people don't know that Trip Lee is my Godbrother. I've kept it low key but he decided to have me on his podcast so now it's out there now SO!

On to the point! We sat down to talk about our dreams, the let downs, success, failures and struggles. We both shared about our health journeys as well. It was a great convo.

By the time it released, I didn't remember what I shared but in watching it back once it dropped, there were a few other things I wish I'd shared...but now I don't remember what they were cause it's been a minute since I watched sooo I'm just gonna drop the video here and if you have any questions, drop it in the comment and I'll come thru to answer!

The episode is below. Be sure and watch more of The End Notes Podcast here (all the episodes are dope!):

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