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How I Went from Not Liking Marshawn Evans Daniels to Buying Her Book

I Didn’t Care About Her Until I Watched This:

Click the image to watch if you'd like.

Marshawn Evans Daniels is NOT my kind of woman. She has big eyelashes (even when she’s chillin’), is girly, was a runner up for Miss America…I mean, when I looked at her, I just didn’t see myself…until this video.

A couple years ago, a friend told me about her and recommended her book, Believe Bigger. She insisted that it helped her change directions and get clarity about what she was supposed to be doing.

Arrogant me, I thought I had myself all figured out and didn’t need the book. I also wasn’t interested because I judged her and the book’s contents based on some external things. I guess you could say I literally judged the book (and the person) by their cover.

Not okay, but many of us do this all the time if we’re honest.

Fast Forward to a couple weeks ago, the same friend shared this video with me and THIS. RIGHT. HERE. stopped all of my surface judgement.

She was saying things I felt but didn’t know how to say at times. She spoke boldly, freely, and honestly. She shared her story, her experience, her perspective with clarity and conviction.

Then after ending her spill, she prayed a simple prayer, admitting that she may have said some things wrong but asking Holy Spirit to help her through this.

Since watching this, I’ve now followed my friend’s recommendation and bought the book 😉

Marshawn, forgive me for judging you and THANK YOU for addressing this. Father, I am sorry I dismissed one of your daughters because of some very superficial stuff. I am no better than the next person. Forgive me and help me to stop doing this. I do not want to be this person.

Backstory to the Long Video Above

On Inauguration Day, Marshawn posted these words (see pic). Her post resulted in some major backlash. People stating they were disappointed in her and threats to unfollow because of her statement. Others questioning her position, you can peep the comments to see.

The longer video above is her response to how people responded to her.

The irony is she was once a contestant on The Apprentice

Below I shared a few quotes from the longer video cause I know most of you are not about to watch that whole 34 minute situation.

Standout Quotes

Before you criticize a black woman, you need to know what she’s been through. Marshawn Evans Daniels Tweet
You don’t have to buy none of my books. God is my source. I write my own checks. My provision comes from Heaven. If He is disappointed in me, He will deal with me. Marshawn Evans Daniels Tweet
I am not an Influencer. I am a Christ Follower. And if there is any kind of reach because of that, that’s God given. Marshawn Evans Daniels Tweet
I am not a slave to your likes. I am a free woman. I am all the way, a free woman. Marshawn Evans Daniels Tweet
Your version of Christianity is not the standard of Heaven just because it’s what you’ve been taught by American Christianity. Marshawn Evans Daniels Tweet

Why I Shared This

Ultimately I share this because I agree with a lot of what she’s saying in her response video. I personally wouldn’t have described the last four years as “torment,” but I do acknowledge the juxtaposed realities that for many people it was, and for many people it wasn’t.

Admittedly, there were times during the last four years when I felt unsafe in this country simply because I’m black. But also admittedly, I’ve felt those same feelings before Trump was president. Did those feelings heighten during his presidency? At times, yes.

Ultimately, Marshawn’s initial post and people’s reactions to it, exposed the reality that we are absolutely a divided church. Empathy is missing. Compassion is rationed. And logical reasoning has apparently died.

I only skimmed a few comments on the original post but many of the ones I read were heartbreaking.

I do want to say this. It is possible to be feel threatened in America, have Christian values, feel relieved that we have a new president, believe and live out Biblical principles, be against abortion, and be a Christ-follower! It’s absolutely possible and to tell someone they can’t be a Christian because of the combination of these things is just wrong.

So aside from all the reasons I just shared for sharing this, I’d like to add one more…”Cause I’m a free woman!”

Any thoughts? Share them in the comments!

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