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KD’s Corner: This is My Freedom Space (Start Here)

Welcome to KD’s Corner aka My Freedom Space

Hey, hey good people! Welcome to my Freedom Space! I NEEDED THIS! Some of you may remember back when I used to blog on the regular at (everything is still there if you want to go through the archives).

It was my place to process freely. It was my open journal. I loved it, but when Dex and I got married, we decided we wanted to do something together. So Dex & Kandis was birthed in 2018.

As time has passed, I realized I didn’t feel as free (for many reasons) to write and share like I’d done in the past.

So after much silence and discussion, Dex and I have decided it’s time for me to write again. Everything will remain here on using the category tag, KD’s Corner.

So as we move into this, I’d like to share a few things about what KD’s Corner is and isn’t:

What it Is:

  1. A place where no topic is off limits

  2. A place where no judgement happens

  3. A safe place for everyone – whether you agree or not, civil discussion is invited

  4. An encouragement for those who can relate in any way

  5. Both curated and original content

  6. The end of my silence…my freedom space

What it Isn’t:

  1. The answer to anything – Jesus is

  2. The ultimate truth – only God’s Word is

  3. A place for slander or condemnation

  4. A place only for Christians – although my perspective will be based on my experiences and beliefs

So for those of you who’ve been rocking with me since the original days, let’s do this again!… But different, cause I’m older, life is different, and I got TWO kids! Still the same ol’ G tho 🙂

And for the people who are new to this, welcome! I hope as you learn me, my thoughts, and perspectives a bit more, you’ll ultimately be pointed in the direction of your own freedom, more and more.

Let’s get to it good people!

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