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Taking My Territory as a Producer and Creative

When people ask what I do for a living I usually say I'm a producer or that I work for myself, but I've felt and known there was more to it than that...much more, in fact.

On a Saturday evening this past May (2023), my mother and I attended a dinner with our ministry family/friends who were in town from Nairobi, Kenya. At the very end of the dinner, the Evangelist and head of the ministry, Rev. Teresia Warimu,called me up to be prophesied to.

I stood receptive and surprised as two men who I'd never met began prophesying these and other words over me.

"You are a prophetic artist. You have the ability to create...Everything that you touch, you bring in a design and you bring in some sort of strategic structure."

Hearing someone call me a "prophetic artist," lit me up. It felt like I finally had clarity on how to explain what I do, see, and feel.

One of the projects I've recently been entrusted with allows me to be just that, a prophetic artist/producer.

It's called Desperate for Jesus and it's the women's conference my church hosts every July. In 2015, our pastor's wife, Dr. Lois Evans, invited me to be a part of the planning team. At the time, I didn't realize how big of an invitation it was.

She gave me a seat at the table and for many years, I was also the youngest one around the table.

For the past eight years, I've had the privilege of being a part of this conference in some form, but for the first time, last year (2022), I was asked to produce the entire thing from scratch to finish.

From designing the set, to planning and producing our pre-conference shoot, to writing scripts, conceptualizing the opener, designing the stage and more, my team and I got to lead the charge on it all.

This year, we were asked to produce it again! The theme was "Territory" and I believe every woman who attended laid claim to something God had for them— myself included.

So many aspects of this year's conference, personally meant so much to me. I won't dive too deep into all the details, but here are just some of the reasons:

1. No Mo' Chemo!

I finished my chemo treatments while working on this year's conference - what a journey. Taking back the physical territory of my body without drugs and weekly doctors appointments was a MAJOR win.

2. A High School Reunion

My high school's Marching Band was a part of the opener & my band director came to rehearsal to show love! It was great to be able to give back and go full circle with a place that helped cultivate, sharpen, and encourage my individuality, creative thinking and team working abilities.

3. My Mommy was a part of it!

My mother directed the choir for our Day 2 opener and had such a great time using a gift she loves and hadn't been able to use in years. It was a joy to see her back in one of her elements.

4. A Surprise Reunion

I got to reconnect with one of our guests who, to my surprise, recognized me as soon as I walked in the room (I didn't expect her to remember me at all).

Kierra Sheard and I have met over and over since we were teenagers. And in college me and a friend convinced our school (Hampton University) to fly her out and pay for a concert we organized and promoted, on campus. It was great to reconnect and catch up for a moment.

5. One of My Faves

I got to hear from one of my favorite voices of our generation - Charlotte Gambill. If you've never heard her preach, just go on YouTube and watch literally anything. Lol

6. All Things Worked Together for the Better Than Good

I got to see Holy Spirit work through every hiccup, mistake, mishap and problem and turn them into something even better than I'd originally imagined or hoped for.

Too many details to share here, but for various reasons everything from set pieces to openers were changing within 24-48 hours of the start of conference. Not at all how I would've planned things, but many times circumstances are beyond your control when working on large productions.

The Father worked them all out though, in perfect timing...No biggie! *insert face melting emoji"

7. A Healing Testimony Began

An amazing healing testimony-in-motion was shared with me by a fellow media team member. While at the shoot we did for conference a couple months earlier, a crew member casually shared a health issue he was dealing with. It was a similar issue that I was healed of in my twenties. One for which I was told I would need to be on medication for, for the rest of my life.

I never agreed with this statement and ended up getting off that medication in less than a year and haven't needed them again since. Thank You Jesus!

So when I heard his story, I got mad and my faith rose up so I asked if we could pray for his healing. We prayed as a crew and two months later, on conference day, he shared he'd been able to stop one of his two medications doctors said he'd need for life!

I was so hype! Please join me in praying for his complete and finished healing. His miracle is in motion! Praise Jesus!

I'd like to wrap this up by sharing our recap video along with some photos from all the things mentioned above. I'm grateful for another year teaming up with Chrystal, Priscilla, and the DFJ Team to continue the vision and legacy their mom, Dr. Lois Evans had for God's daughters. It really is a special conference.

Save the Date for next year! July 26-27, 2024. 

If you're a woman reading this, have you ever attended Desperate For Jesus?


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