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A Boombox Worth its Boom

A birthday letter to my wife:

Babe, your life has amplified my understanding of God’s love for me & others.

You help me mute lies, negativity, & unhealthy thought patterns.

You turn the volume of truth, hope, & courage up in my life with your constant encouragement & support.

You keep me from rewinding the tape of yesterdays mistakes & charge me to press play to conquer new challenges & opportunities in the present.

I always enjoy pressing pause on everything else to experience moments with you.

Your life is indeed a boombox. It bangs & beats down the block for faith, righteousness, & love.

Unlike most boomboxes you don’t need batteries because you intentionally create time to plug into your source, Jesus.

The sound from your first 32 years of life has been inspiring. It’s made others want to tune in to enjoy the music coming out of your life’s speaker.

Babe, I wish you a booming, banging, & rocking 33rd birthday today! Always remember, your life’s boombox makes the best music when it’s being carried on the shoulders by the One who created it!

May we all be inspired to make our life’s speaker-box beat for the glory of God, the benefit of others, & our joy!

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