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A Tribute to My 96-Year-Old Great-Grandma

Today we said “see you later” to my 96-year-old Great grandmother. She lived to see four generations of her family and for over 94 of those 96 years she lived by herself, took care of others, and drove…fast, according to her Pastor! Lol

Such a blessing to have witnessed the beauty of living in the fourth quarter of life, full of purpose, love, and generosity.

The majority of the comments at grandma’s funeral today were cousins, grandkids, nieces and nephews claiming to be grandma’s favorite. She made us all feel like we were her only one, and that feeling was heightened every time she called one of our names as she often lovingly putting “My” in front of them (you’ll see this happen in the video below).

The last couple of years I started recording parts of my visits with her. I decided to put the video below together from one of my favorite convos with Grandma as she was approaching her 95th birthday.

I’m grateful for her life, her example, and also her legacy. Thank you Jesus for my great-Grandma. And thank you Jesus that she got to spend time with Dex twice and we got to show her photos and videos of our wedding.

Our family is gonna miss her so much but will absolutely see her again and for that, I’m also comforted and grateful.

Enjoy Jesus Grandma, I know you’ve been wanting to get to Him for a while. Your time has come in His perfect time.

Dex’s Reflection On Great-Grandma

Great Grandma is, was, and will always be great. After my first visit with her I learned the word great in front of grandma had a double meaning. She was the parent of my wife’s grandpa but also was a great person. During our first interaction together she complemented me by telling my wife, “Kandi, he’s so smart he knows how to use the microwave.” Best compliment ever! ☺️😅 She also welcomed me without hesitation by embracing me and inviting me into her home. She, an African-American woman in her 90’s from the south accepted me, a young white man, with no reservations. That was refreshing! Throughout her funeral last week there were two reoccurring themes, one being how she treated everyone like they were her favorite and the other being how much she really loved “her Jesus”. People use to say,”Some people are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good”, but great grandma showed me in actuality those who are most heavenly minded do the most earthly good. Grateful for the life of Emma Davis Polk and even more thankful to have met such a great great grandma.

Pic 1: Me and Grandma clowning at my grandfather’s 70th birthday party

Pic 3: Dex & I visiting and praying with Great Grandma. It was the last time we saw her, May 2017.

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